Local 1049 is working to Save Long Island Jobs

Don Daley's picture
by Don Daley on
Oct 23, 2013

Message from Don Daley, Business Manager:

National Grid has sent a notice of intent to move good Local 1049 jobs to both Brooklyn and Syracuse.  These jobs involve the gas business unit and include call center, collection and billing. Many prominent leaders in the labor community, business community and public advocates have joined our coalition to demand that the PSC does not let National Grid harm our members or the communities we serve.   

Local 1049 members  and retirees have been out walking door to door, at supermarkets, in shopping malls to get petitions signed.  And many Local 1049 members have sent in their own petition sheets but our work is not done yet.  Please continue to get petitions signed.  You can print a copy from this email or copy and paste the hyperlink for the electronic petition to your facebook page, email or text it to your friends.  And please visit our community page on Facebook, "Save Long Island Jobs NOW"  like and share!
Please make sure that you do your part to stop National Grid from taking our jobs away, because the job you save may be your own!

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