NYC Mayor Bloomberg Screws Everyone!

Brian Schneck's picture
May 12, 2011

Special Message from President Brian Schneck: Many New Yorkers that are unemployed or under employed just lost out. The Disabled community that face extreme challenges in their daily routines will continue to face those challenges all because of the decision made on May 3rd by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and David Yassky, Commissioner of the Taxi and Limousine Commission to have the Taxi of Tomorrow to be built by Nissan. Mayor Bloomberg announced that Nissan Motor Company has won the right to exclusively supply taxis to New York City for the next ten years, a deal which estimated to be worth one billion dollars. Ford Motor Company and Karsan, USA were also finalists however they were edged out by Nissan. The Nissan Taxi will be built in Mexico. Karsan uncoditionally pledged to build the taxi's in Brooklyn with a $800 Million dollar plant. The plant would have employed 800 people. But Mayor Mike sent the jobs south of the border. How does that help New York's economy? Mayor Bloomberg - Shame on you! You are no longer allowed to ever publicly say that you are a supporter of job creation. You left your constituents flat, decided against revitalizing the Brooklyn waterfront and your decision discriminates the disabled community. Do you think Bloomberg made the right choice? Call Bloomberg at (212) 788-3000 and tell him what you think!

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