Vote Yes for Good Jobs Now!

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Jul 26, 2011

At our membership meeting on June 28, 259 had a visit from Michael Picker, Executive Vice President of the New York Islanders. Picker came to explain to us the importance of Nassau County giving the go ahead to construct a new sports arena. There will be a vote on August 1st for the residents of Nassau County to support a new Coliseum and the redevelopment of the area known as the HUB. This project is crucial to our members, our employers and our communities. We strongly urge you to contact your family and friends in the next few weeks to help bring home a YES vote and to begin a renewed hope for our future. We are not asking you to become an Islander fan or even a hockey fan; this is much bigger than that. It's about jobs, working families and communities! Why should Local 259 care? After all this is not an auto dealer and we do not represent workers that would work at this facility. We care because 1,500 good paying construction jobs will be created. We care because Nassau County will have a new revenue stream to fund government so taxes can be controlled for our members and our employers. And we care, so public employees that work for the county will not be faced with continued layoffs and benefit cuts. Again, On August 1, Nassau residents will have the opportunity to vote on the issue of either to build a state of the art sports and entertainment arena or vote to have 77 Acers of concrete to become a barren wasteland after the Islanders move off Long Island in four years. You probably have seen the photos of closed factories in the Midwest that now have weeds growing four feet high in the parking lots were workers used to park for work. This is not a Democratic or Republican decision, this simply is a decision to be made by working families! Do we want that to be the future of Nassau County? We do not think you would so we ask that you and your family support the new arena by voting YES on Monday, August 1 - it's about our future not only in Nassau County but the Downstate region of New York. Click on this link for more information

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