Keep Jobs in Olean Rally at Lincoln Park

Eric Hauser's picture
Sep 25, 2012

Saturday, October 6th from 10 am to 2 pm Outraged at seeing their jobs continuously shipped out-of-state and overseas, workers in and around Olean, NY will unite at Lincoln Park on Saturday, October 6th to take a stand for American Workers. Calling upon their elected officials, IBEW Local 1690, the Western New York AFL- CIO and workers from surrounding businesses will speak out about keeping their jobs in Olean. "We are doing this grassroots style and taking our issue to the streets. We want to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear; from the Olean Town Hall to Albany to Washington, DC." stated Business Manager Mike Randolph of IBEW Local 1690, who represents 130 IBEW Local 1690 members at Olean Advanced Products. "We want our elected officials, at every level, to know our jobs in Olean are important and we are not going to stand by and watch them be systematically shipped out-of-state and overseas along with the products we make." IBEW Local 1690 has lost more than 40 jobs due to outsourcing; 14 within the last two weeks. Dal-Tile has also announced the potential closing of their Olean operations which would equate to 174 jobs. More than 500 workers are expected to attend the rally. IBEW Local 2199 & 2154 please check in with your union's leadership to RSVP.

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