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Jul 31, 2011

This past February, the Local advised you that our International Union would be engaging in an aggressive organizing campaign of the foreign owned auto plants that operate here in the United States. UAW President Bob King made the following statement this past January, "If the UAW does not successfully organize a trans-national auto company in the very near future, the UAW will have no future, period". The statement is not only very sobering, it's the plain and simple truth. If you have been following recent automotive news reports, you would see that the campaigns are really revving up and that's where you become very important. Our International Union has asked Local 259 for assistance in its campaign and as such Local 259 will be hosting training at our headquarters that the International Union will be conducting. The training will likely consist of the layout of how the campaign will look, the legal do's and don'ts, as much as they can share about what is going on with the organizing sites and what we can do right here on Long Island to help the campaign. If you believe that your Union, the UAW, needs grow and become stronger, you will be at the meeting. If you believe that all workers deserve good wages and benefits, you will be at the meeting. If you believe that it is wrong that foreign companies operate in the US and pay and treat our fellow Americans like wage slaves, you will be at the meeting! On Thursday, August 4 @ 6pm come to your union headquarters, directions on back, and learn how you can contribute to the organizing efforts of International Union with the trans-national auto companies. In Solidarity, Brian Schneck, President Local 259 UAW, AFL-CIO 80 Jerusalem Avenue Hicksville, New York 11801 (516) 433-4579 office

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