Father's Day Silent March Against Stop & Frisk

Kris LaGrange's picture
Jun 15, 2012

This Sunday at 3 pm, tens of thousands of New Yorkers from every background will march silently down Fifth Avenue from 110th Street to 78th Street to protest Mayor Bloomberg's out of control Stop and Frisk policy. I am planning on attending and I am asking you to join me.

We all applaud falling crime rates, but stop and frisk has gone too far and too many young people of color are being harassed and alienated as a result. Please see the statistics below. We can keep the city safe without resorting to such extreme measures. We cannot have an entire generation of young people come to see law enforcement as the enemy. We have been talking about the need to build coalitions between the CWA and other allied groups. To do that we MUST support our allies on the issues that are important to them. This is one of those critical times, and I ask you to join with me and a broad coalition of labor, civil rights, religious and community organizations for this important event.

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