Verizon CEO Ponders Killing Off Rural Phone/Broadband Service & Rake In Wireless Profits

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Aug 21, 2012

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam wants you to spend more with the phone company, and if his vision of Verizon's future comes true, you will. The company's newest CEO spoke on a wide-ranging number of topics for the benefit of Wall Street investors at the Guggenheim Securities Symposium. A transcript of the event delivers several newsworthy revelations on the company's future plans.


McAdam rose through the ranks of Verizon Communications with a specialty in the company's immensely profitable wireless business. His predecessor, Ivan Seidenberg, spent his career at Verizon Communications working with the company's legacy wireline (landline) network. While Seidenberg envisioned a new future for Verizon's landline business with an upgraded fiber optic network called FiOS, McAdam maintained a different vision having run Verizon Wireless as a profit-making machine since 2006. McAdam believes Verizon's future earnings and focus should be primarily on the wireless side of the business, because that is where there is serious money to be made.


"The first thing I did when Ivan sort of named me as the Chief Operating Officer was we had a very well-defined credo in the wireless side," McAdam said. "We created it when we first came together in '99 because we had seven different companies and we knew we had seven different cultures and we needed to tell people what it was we were really looking for. So we created that document. We spent a lot of time on it. We do a lot of reward and recognition as a result of it and that culture really took root in wireless."


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