Historic: UAW President Bob King to address the nation tonight

Brian Schneck's picture
Aug 31, 2012

A very proud message from President Brian Schneck

Last week the Republicans tripped all over themselves to bash Unions, advocate for National Right to Work laws and pound their chests about stripping collective bargaining rights away from public employees.

It's clear to us that a Republican victory in November will bring a massive attempt to end the rights of workers to organize unions and bargain collectively with their Employer.

Tonight there will be a stark contrast at the Democratic National Convention. Our brother, our fighter and our UAW President Bob King will speak to the convention and with no doubt he will clearly layout the importance of the labor movement for all workers, it's contributions to a strong economy and the success of the auto rescue executed largely by the UAW and President Obama. Millions will be watching and this is the first time ever that a union leader will be speaking at a major Party Convention. Amazing!

Please take the time tonight to tune in, here are the details:  You can watch his speech live on C-SPAN and follow the convention coverage on.


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