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Press Conference with New York State Senator Ken LaValle

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by Don Daley on
Apr 11, 2014

On March 21st, NY Senator Ken Lavalle held a press conference to announce his bill introduced in the State Budget bill to make sure that LIPA complete feasibility studies on repowering the Port Jefferson Power Plant before it awards any PSA'a to non utility generators. Newsday reported that Senator Lavalle was joined with Assemblyman Steve Englebright, Port Jefferson Mayor Margot Garant, Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine and Brookhaven Councilperson Valerie Cartright. All elected leaders spoke in favor of this legislation. Our Business Manager Don Daley also attended this press conference along with over 60 members. BM Daley through his remarks drew strong attention to the need to protect our members jobs and the local economy at Port Jefferson. Even though Senator Lavalle's bill did not make it into the Stste Budget, LIPA announced at its March Board meeting that it will conduct the promised feasabity studies. Chief executive John McMahon, in a March 26 letter to Senator LaValle , provided a timeline for the proposed upgrade of the 63-year-old plant. 

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