Honoring the Leaders this February

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by Leo Yanez on
Feb 17, 2012

The month of February is a fantastic month. Not because Spring is just around the corner or because it is the shortest month of the year - but because we remember and honor our past presidents and recognize the achievements of African Americans in American society. Remember all our presidents who fought for freedom, the freedom to be represented in government, fair representation without retaliation and the freedom to organize unions. These are freedoms that some Governors, like the one in Indiana - are trying to repeal. Check out the video on our website which was created in response to the Indiana "Right to Work for Less" laws. Many US Presidents have supported the principles of unions, and we honor the good ones this month. Presidents like Abe Lincoln, FDR, JFK and Obama - have stood with unions and have forced our nations citizens to realize that without unions, there is no true freedom in our country. African American leaders like Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King and Malcom X; they encouraged us to question our moral code, and make equality a topic - not just at kitchen tables, but in union halls across our country. That is what our Brotherhood here at Local 83 attempts to do as well. We represent our members with issues that are important. Safety and fairness are very important issues that we, as a Brotherhood, believe in. We have been, in a way, guided by the leaders we honor this February. Safety is our number one priority, the work we do is dangerous. I don't have to tell you that; all I can ask of you is to make safety a daily priority. Work safe, not only at your job, but at home. Most accidents take place at home when we became complaisant with our own skills. Safety does not stop at work, it should follow you home.


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