We all have a right to a safe workplace

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Mar 30, 2012

In our fight for your best interests this month CWA has successfully won against the deregulation of VoIP and we expect to see conference and other funding out of the professional development fund by the end of the semester. Please email your campus representatives for more details. This March your GSEU representation has also been lobbying for your interests at the March 20th CWA Lobby Day, held meetings with state and SUNY representatives, and rallied in support of student rights and against violence. Recent hate crimes such as the killing of Trayvon Martin moved our members to act by demonstrating against this most hateful act on Monday March 26th. Members at Buffalo have also rallied support against trans-phobic hate crimes by rallying student support for their March 29, 2012 event for Cece McDonald. Your representation at CWA Local 1104 is committed to fighting against violence in the next round of negotiations by having transgender workplace rights against discrimination included in our contract, as well as violence awareness training and safe zone training where available. If you have been discriminated against, profiled or a victim of violence we want to know about it, because you have the right to a safe and healthy working environment.

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