2013 to 2014, Year in Review

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by Don Daley on
Jan 16, 2014

In the upcoming issue of the Advocate newsletter, I take a moment to reflect on 2013 and examine how the events changed the face of Local 1049. Below is some excerpts from that report. More detail will be paid attention to each issue mentioned below so please check your mailbox and ibew1049.org for my full Business Managers Report.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo empaneled a Moreland Commission to investigate electric utilities' response for storm restoration. We have and we will continue to maintain a close eye on the Commission throughout the year. We started the first quarter of 2013 negotiating three contracts in the Craft Division in LCTT, NECA and WRS. Our WRS contract was ratified at the end of January and our LCTT was overwhelmingly ratified by the membership and the NECA agreement was approved unanimously!

Throughout the year, we addressed issues such as AON Hewitt compliance, SAP payroll errors, and preparations for the bifurcation of the utility membership between National Grid and PSEG. Our union was an active participant in the Moreland Commission hearings. In June we carried our message to the streets of Rockville Center when we marched on Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos' office. Our multiple actions enabled us to gain respect from the NYS government, LIPA, National Grid and PSEG. They know that we are always ready to stand up and protect our member's rights.

News 12 Long Island did a piece on Local 1049 and our apprenticeship training program which gave our neighbors some insight to Local 1049's identity. National Grid continues to move forward to reduce its clerical footprint on Long Island by moving gas call center and customer representative jobs to Brooklyn and Syracuse. We continue this fight into 2014 and this fight is not over. We settled our grievance and lawsuit against National Grid on the SAP payroll fiasco. Local 1049 has finalized the agreements with National Grid and PSEG for workers that are transitioning to PSEG. In 2013 I was elected as Chairman of the IBEW New York Utility Labor Council and appointed as a vice president of the NYS Electrical Workers.

Local 1049 also mourned the loss of several members; Chairman of the Executive Board Tom Russo, Armand DiPardo, Luis Gonzales and Greg Redmond Jr. We honor their memory and their contribution to our union.

I look forward to seeing our Craft members at the 1st quarter Outside Craft meeting scheduled for February 6th at 5:00pm.

We faced much adversity during 2013 and 2014 will bring more challenges. We wish you all the very best in the upcoming New Year and we look forward to working with you all in the months to come.

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