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Count Me In

50 Arrested at #CountMeIn Rally

#CountMeIn brought their protest to the NFL's headquarters as they increased the pressure on Stephen Ross

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Aug 23, 2018

For years the New York City building industry has been dominated by the skilled union Building and Construction Trades. Through their work, the famous New York City skyline was built and countless families were provided with good, middle-class lifestyles.

However over the last few years developers have begun to use non-union trades for major projects. After completing the first part of the massive Hudson Yards projects on Manhattan’s West Side, the developer, Stephen Ross, decided that he would finish the project by using non-union scab contractors. This decision launched the #CountMeIn movement that united the New York City Building Trades unions.

On Wednesday, August 23rd, the #CountMeIn movement escalated their protest against Ross and his company Related. Since Ross owns the Miami Dolphins, #CountMeIn began protesting outside of the NFL’s headquarters in Manhattan. They then recruited 50 members to take part in a civil disobedience on the street in front of the headquarters. Below is video from the protest.


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