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Agreement Reached to End Nabisco Strike

The union announced a deal to end the month long strike as tension rose on the picket line

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Sep 15, 2021

After over a month on strike, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) has announced that they have reached a tentative deal with Nabisco/Mondelez.

In a statement from International President Anthony Shelton the union said “Very late last night, BCTGM negotiators reached a tentative agreement with Nabisco/Mondelez on a new contract. In the coming days, the Local Union officers on the bargaining committee will present the tentative agreement to their respective memberships who will then vote on the agreement. I want to thank and commend all of the members of the bargaining committee for their many, many hours of extremely hard work to reach this tentative agreement. As always in our Union, the members will have the final say on the contract.”

The new tentative agreement comes as workers faced increasing violence on the picket line and Nabisco faced a decrease in production. The Portland Mercury has reported that in the past few days, private security firm Huffmaster has been brought in to “secure” the Portland facility. Instead, they have become confrontational with strikers including pinning a member of Teamsters Local 162, who was there to support the striking workers, to the side of a van while elbowing him for about two minutes. Last Wednesday another protestor said that a Huffmaster agent who had been stomping on protesters’ feet elbowed them into a vehicle. “I was not touching him, I was not touching anyone,” they said. “I was standing there with a sign. I actually was recovering from a foot injury... and after that, I have had a lot of difficulties walking this week. There have been nights I haven’t been able to sleep through the pain.”

Last week, Chief Executive Officer Dirk Van de Put said at a Barclays consumer conference that production of Nabisco products continues, but “not to the same level” as before the strike. According to market research analysis from DecaData, Nabisco’s failure to deliver rate has climbed to 7.1% since the strike began. Before the strike it was at 5.3%. The data shows that the majority of those unfilled orders were caused by Mondelez canceling shipments.

Now that a tentative agreement has been reached the members will vote on the new contract. The workers could vote to approve the contract or vote it down and go back out on strike.

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