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Agreement Reached at John Deere

New agreement includes a 10% raise

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Nov 01, 2021

Following the death of one of the strikers on a John Deere picket line, the two sides appear to have come to an agreement to end the two-week-long strike.

The deal, which was announced over the weekend, reportedly includes a one-time wage increase of 10% in the first year, then an increase by 5% every other year—with 3% lump sum payments every year in between. There will also be a post-retirement health care fund for workers, with an additional $2,000 in seed money per year of service. Finally, all employees will be eligible for a retirement bonus of up to $50,000, based on the number of years they’ve worked for Deere.

This is the second tentative agreement. The first one was overwhelmingly voted down by the membership just days before the strike began. In that contract, Deere was only offering a 5% increase in the first year, so the strike doubled their immediate raise. One sticking point in the contract could be that it doesn’t revert to pre-1997 pension levels or retiree healthcare under the new agreement, people hired after 1997 would get $48 in pension credits while older members hired before 1997 would get $53.

“Our UAW John Deere national bargaining team went back to our local members after the previous tentative agreement and canvassed the concerns and priorities of membership,” UAW President Ray Curry said. “We want to thank the UAW bargaining team and striking UAW members and their families for the sacrifices they have made to achieve these gains. Our members have enjoyed the support of our communities and the entire labor movement nationwide as they have stood together in support and solidarity these past few weeks.”

Members are expected to stay on the picket line until the contract is voted on. A meeting to let them know about the contract and to vote on it is scheduled for Tuesday, November 2nd.

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