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Agreement Reached at Kellogg

The deal increases wages and benefits and creates a path for temp workers to become permanent

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Dec 02, 2021

UPDATE: Kellogg's workers have rejected this agreement. Find out more here.

Late on Wednesday, December 1, BCTGM and Kellogg’s reached a tentative agreement that could end the nearly two-month strike.

While the union has not released details of the agreement, Reuters is reporting that the strike appears to have delivered some big wins for the union workforce. According to Reuters, the agreement will include wage increases and benefits for all workers as well as better working terms for temporary workers. The deal will also allow temporary workers with four or more service years with the company eligible to move into a permanent position. This will allow these workers to get better pay and benefits.

Making long-term temporary workers permanent was a big reason why the union went on strike. Over the past few years, Kellogg’s has been filling more and more positions with temporary workers. The union says that somewhere around 30% of the workforce is now a long-term temporary worker, which creates a second tier in the workplace where these employees are paid less and receive fewer benefits.

Workers at the four Kellogg’s cereal plants in Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee have been on strike since October 5th. The deal comes only a few weeks after Kellogg’s announced that due to the strike, they would begin hiring permanent replacements for the union workforce. Instead of causing the workers to back down, this seemed to embolden them as they waited the company out for an additional two weeks and refused to settle for a substandard contract.

In a statement announcing the tentative agreement, BCTGM President Anthony Shelton said:

“Late last night, BCTGM negotiators reached a tentative agreement with Kellogg’s on a new contract. In the coming days, the Local Union officers on the bargaining committee will present the tentative agreement to their respective memberships who will then vote on the agreement on Sunday, December 5 at destinations determined by each local union.”

“I want to thank and commend all of the members of the bargaining committee for their many, many hours of extremely hard work to reach this tentative agreement. As always in our Union, the members will have the final say on the contract.”

Picket lines will likely stay active until after the results of the December 5th vote are announced.

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