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The Bad Guys are still out there

George Bloom's picture
Nov 14, 2013

Turkey Day is fast approaching! It has been an interesting year for most of us. Some of us have suffered through Sandy, then the blizzard, and then a sweltering July. The year has gone by fast as we lost some dear friends. Our government is in shambles both locally and in Washington but we keep fighting the good fight. We may have lost the Nassau County Executive's race, but both NYS Propositions 1 and 5 passed, creating good union jobs and in NYC the CWA got our candidate in. NYC Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio is a great friend to us all, and we look forward to his leadership in the months and years to come. In Boston, our brothers and sisters in labor elected Building Trades President Martin Walsh as their Mayor and the CWA was behind electing Terry McAuliffe as the Governor of Virginia and raising the State's minimum wage in New Jersey. So even though the skies are bit gloomy here in Nassau County, a light is shining over us in the City of Long Beach as our very own Anthony Eramo was elected to City Council. The market continues to hit new record highs and one can only hope that we are investing in the right things. Verizon tried to pull the VoiceLink wool over the eyes of our neighbors at Fire Island and they lost. Good for the people on Fire Island; if anyone needs to be taught a lesson it's Verizon. VoiceLink is a not to be trusted, and its threat still looms. So as we prepare ourselves for a busy upcoming Holiday season, please be aware that even though we will be pausing to give thanks, the bad guys are still out there working to make our way of life difficult.

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