Bargaining Begins Wednesday and be prepared for Irene

George Bloom's picture
Aug 25, 2011

Message from President George Bloom: We would like to quell any rumors that the CWA or the IBEW asked to come back to work because our members were crossing picket lines. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was Lowell McAdams and Larry Marcus who asked if we could end the strike and work under the current agreement indefinitely so the company could go back and review all of its concessionary demands. There was no quid pro quo other than to take down the picket lines. The union has not sold out and has not agreed to any retrogressive demands. We did agree that we would resume negotiations in the near future and would review the companies' new proposals. As we have stated the corporation has blinked because we hurt them severely in wireless stores and Spin Doctor Marc Reed can tell all the lies he wants to the press; we know the truth our resolve is stronger than their commitment. All members should read the op-ed on our website by Ralph Nader "Verizon Goes From Wireless to Shameless". I think he nailed it. Send a copy to friends and family. Verizon has sent a strong message to the membership that they do not want us here. That being said next week begins the winter regulations on forced overtime. No one will be forced more than 10 hours in any week September through May. Since next week is the week ending September 3rd, this rule applies. There is no emergency until the local officers are notified and that hasn't happened. With the impending hurricane everyone should make sure their family is safe and when working follow safety procedures to the extreme limit - your life may depend on it. If you need help make sure you get it.

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