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Better off without?

Kris LaGrange's picture
Jun 07, 2013

The Governors plan to overhaul LIPA has a lot of people's panties in a bundle, but putting politics aside - removing politics from the entire operation may be just the answer. Beginning in January LIPA will be a thing of the past and so could be good skilled Long Island jobs. IBEW 1049, which represents the union workforce at National Grid, are currently oppose the Governors Program Bill #6 as written. There are no provisions to keep call center jobs here or require Island newbie PSE&G to use National Grid workers in the event of another crippling storm. The rushed plan put forth by theGovernors office has many details that need to be addressed. People are very concerned that the bill lacks the proper oversight to protect jobs, define accountability and protect the ratepayers. Regardless of what happens, we all must support what IBEW 1049 needs because when the next storm hits, they are the ones going out and restoring power; the rest of us will be sitting home hoping there is enough of them to come to our neighborhood next.


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