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A check for 11k is in the mail!

United Auto Workers members getting checks for 11k, 4k and 9k in bargained benefits

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Feb 17, 2016

After last year’s contentious negotiations with the Big Three auto makers, United Auto Worker’s members are starting to see the benefits.  At the end of February, GM workers will receive their first checks as part of the collective bargaining agreements (CBA) profit sharing provision.  According to the Detroit News, over 49,000 eligible workers will receive checks of up to $11,000 as a reward for GM’s $11 billion in profit last year. This is an increase from last year when the GM workers received about $7,500 in bonuses. “UAW members will go home to their families today knowing that their hard work and innovative team work have paid off,” GM-UAW vice president Cindy Estrada said in a statement. “Through collective bargaining those UAW members eligible will receive up to $11,000 in GM profit sharing. Together, UAW members are sharing in the quality products and record sales of GM cars and trucks.”

GM workers are not the only UAW members that will be receiving big checks in the coming weeks.  At Fiat-Chrysler, 40,000 employees will be getting $4,000 profit sharing bonuses, up from last year when they received $2,750.  That is a 40% increase for Fiat-Chrysler workers.   

Ford employees will also receive record profit sharing checks of about $9,300, which is up from the $6,900 checks they received last year. 

Overall it looks like the work that the UAW did to save the auto industry is paying off not just for the shareholders, but for the workers as well and America is feeling good about Detroit again. 


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