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C.O.'s rally for safety

After the Nassau Sheriff refused to take common sense safety measures, Union Correction Officers protest outside jail

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by Kate Hogan on
Aug 03, 2016

On Monday, August 1, the Nassau Correction Officers Benevolent Association (COBA) spoke at the Nassau County Legislature. President Brian Sullivan, along with all four of his Vice Presidents, came to speak before the board. Sullivan has been dealing with a multitude of issues at the correctional facility in recent weeks. The biggest issue he and the rest of his board are facing at the moment is the safety of the Correction Officers inside the Nassau County Correctional Facility. 

 The COBA board has already met with Nassau County’s Sheriff Michael Sposato on multiple occasions to discuss the issues of security breaches and lack of security that adversely affects the safety of the facility itself. Sheriff Sposato and the COBA board have many “handshake” agreements regarding issues like post coverage, necessary equipment, necessary vehicles, and conducting searches in the facility for contraband. The problem is, the Sheriff has not kept his word. No matter how many conversations COBA has with the Sheriff, he is still not taking action to make sure the facility is more secure. This inaction by the Sheriff is putting the lives of hardworking corrections officers in grave danger. Without proper security measures in place, good people are at risk of injury or death. Recently, COBA has brought charges against the Sheriff to the Public Employee Relations board, as well as individual class action grievances against the County and the Sheriff for failing to address these issues.

 On Tuesday, August 2, COBA held a rally outside of the gates of Nassau County Jail. Hundreds were there including representatives from Teamsters 282, Laborers 66, Suffolk Association of Municipal Employees, Nassau Court Officers Benevolent Association and the Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.  The aim was to bring attention to this issue, and to show support for the workforce that is constantly neglected and abused by the administration that doesn’t seem to care what’s going on in the facility. This rally was used to show support for all of the correction officers that put their lives on the line everyday to protect the peace for every single person in this county.

President Sullivan said that his ultimate goal is enhance the security in the jail and “stop the nonsense”. He ended his speech by inviting each member of the Legislature to join him and his members at the rally. A few Nassau County legislators attended the rally and a member of the New York State Assembly as well.

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