Danny did the right thing!

George Bloom's picture
Sep 26, 2013

Message from President George Bloom:
Local 1104's Retirees' Chapter met on Sept. 9th. The meeting was to be followed by a lunch of sausage and peppers, prepared by, as always, their own "Master Chef." Just before the meeting was to start, RMC President Dan Parisi was getting nervous because "Master Chef" had not shown up at the meeting hall yet. Dan made numerous calls to him but was unable to reach him. The meeting continued without incident and a different lunch was substituted. Dan finished up with his meeting around 2:30 PM and decided to ride by "Master Chef's" house. He stopped knocked on the door and received no answer. Dan then circled his home and tried to get someone's attention but got no response. He then left a note in the mail box asking the "Master Chef" to call him ASAP noting the date and time he was there.   
Dan returned home and made numerous calls to "Master Chef's" house with no response. Around 4:30 PM Dan elected to notify the police and made arrangements to meet an officer at the "Master Chef's" home. This finally got the neighbors attention and one was able to come up with the son's phone number. Dan immediately called him and explained the situation. The officer took the phone and the son gave him the code to the garage and told the officer how to gain access to the home. Upon entering they found the "Master Chef" on the floor of the bathroom and called for an ambulance which arrived quickly and stabilized "Master Chef" and transported him to the hospital. He spent several days in the hospital and I am pleased to say there was a happy ending for all.
I would like to thank RMC President Dan Parisi for his unwavering dedication to Local 1104 and its members both active and retired. Dan always has all of us on his mind and continues to contribute to the day to day operations of the Local. In addition Dan runs the best retirees' chapter in the country. Yes, we truly found gold when Dan came to 1104. I would like to personally recognize his dedication to all of us and thank him for his extensive effort in saving "Master Chef's" life. Dan is a true hero and a great person and I felt an obligation to share this story with all of you.  

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