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UAW is taking another shot at organinzing Volkswagon

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Nov 29, 2015

Maintenance Workers at a VW plant Tennessee will be voting next week on whether or not to join the United Auto Workers Union.

  The UAW is working in conjunction with the German Union IG Metall to organize German car companies in the United States. IG Metall has even gone so far as to open up an office in Tennessee to help with on the ground organizing. This is the second time that the UAW has tried to organize workers at a VW plant.  The maintenance workers at the plant maintain and fix the specialized equipment used to build the automobiles and are skilled tradesmen. 

Unlike the last organizing effort, this time Volkswagon has opposed the organizing effort saying that the UAW should not be allowed to organize a smaller sub sect of workers. 

However, the National Labor Relations Board did not agree with the company, thus allowing a vote to occur.

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