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Oklahoma Teacher Walkout - The Time Is Now!

Exposed: Right Wing Playbook to Discredit Striking Teachers

Group funded by Kochs and DeVos releases talking points to try and break teachers strikes

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Apr 13, 2018

With teachers strikes and walkouts occurring in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky, support for teachers’ unions has begun to increase. In an effort to dampen down this good will, the right wing group State Policy Network (SPN) released a playbook on how to discredit these teachers.

SPN has been used in the past to attack labor. The group is funded by right-wing billionaires like the Koch Brother, the Walton Family, and Betsy DeVos, who recently attacked striking teachers in Oklahoma. The three-page guide provides talking points for anti-union activists to use to cast doubt upon the motives of the teachers. Suggested talking points include:

  • Stressing that a teachers’ walkout will adversely affect low-income parents and students, possibly costing hourly workers their jobs
  • Agreeing that Rockstar teachers should get raises, but erroneously blaming teachers’ unions for blocking them.
  • Instead of blaming policies like tax cuts for underfunded schools, instead blame government regulation and red tape

All of these talking points are meant to take the blame off the conservative politicians that SPN helped elect and blame the teachers.

Possibly foreshadowing many Republican’s worries about angering teachers, Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey agreed last night to a 20% pay increase for teachers, possibly avoiding a statewide strike. You can see the full playbook below.

SPN on Teachers Strikes by The Guardian on Scribd

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