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TWU Local 555

Fired for going to a meeting?

In a fascist-esqe move, crappy airline fires working moms and dads right before Thanksgiving.

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Dec 10, 2015

For four and a half years employees of Southwest have been working without a contract. After working with a federal mediator contract talks stalled last year.  On November 18th, employees in Southern California held a regional union meeting to discuss upcoming steps in the contract fight. Days later, members held a similar meeting in Orlando. Since the members are represented by TWU Local 555, the meeting was allowed under the bargaining rules established over the last 4 and a half years.

After the meeting, nearly 200 union members and employees of Southwest were unjustly suspended indefinitely.  Another 30 members were suspended after the meeting in Orlando Florida on November 20th.  In both cases Local 555 says the meetings were contractually allowed, which means the members are allowed to attend union meetings without the fear of losing their jobs.  After suspending the workers, Southwest also sued the union to try and prevent any job actions during the holiday season.

Local 555 President Greg Puriski said he’s “a little frustrated” with Southwest’s move to sue. The airline is “accusing us of illegal job actions when all we’re having are regional meetings to discuss our options under the Railway Labor Act,” he said. “We had one meeting in California where we had more than triple the expected attendance. That’s how frustrated our members are.”

With the holiday season upon us, Local 555 is now reaching out to the greater union community to stand with their suspended members while the local files an appeal to get the 230 members back to work. 

Please do your part and donate to the cause and encourage others to do so as well. Southwest can suck it.

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