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Flash Mob Rally...kinda

Mall Cops say no way to access but the protest went on at a busy Long Island shopping mall

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Dec 23, 2015

On the evening of Tuesday, December 22, just 3 days before Christmas and in the middle of the last minute Christmas gift rush, members of Communications Workers of America Local 1108 held a flash mob rally at a popular busy Long Island Mall, the South Shore Mall located in Bay Shore, NY.  The 1108 members work at Verizon and have been working without a contract since August. 

At the rally, the loud and very noticeable activists demanded that Verizon give the linemen and wireless store workers a fair contract that gives them a fair wage, protects them from outsourcing and gives them disability and family care.  Since the rally took place at a Verizon Wireless store, they also let the non-union at-will wireless store workers know that they stood by them in their struggle for a fair and decent wage.

Low wage mall Security forces did their best to stop the 10 minute Christmas action. Local police did not respond. Earlier in the day a shooting took place in a neighboring shopping mall putting all Mall Cops on high alert. As usual, this protest was peaceful but the activist failed to bring informational flyers in which onlookers requested. Watch the entertaining video above.


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