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Teamsters Local 805

Fresh Direct Continues Anti Worker Attacks

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Mar 09, 2015

The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 2013, has announced that they will sue Fresh Direct for firing and penalizing workers who did not show up during state of emergencies over the last year. On Jan 4th 2014, a snowstorm hit NY and a state of emergency was declared, however Fresh Direct expected their workers to show up.  A total of 75 workers where written up, 2 were suspended and 1 was fired for not showing up to work.  This policy has continued this year, with our record snowfall.  Fresh Direct has a history of anti-union activity going back to the initial union membership campaign in which Fresh Direct supervisors allegedly threatened workers and called Immigration Customs Enforcement on a number of workers. For more on the fight check out the story in the NY Daily News.

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