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Friday News Briefs

Verizon's New CEO, Janus on Monday and UCOMM's Instagram

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Jun 08, 2018

Verizon has announced that their CEO Lowell McAdams will be stepping down on August 1. McAdams had been the CEO of the telecom giant since 2011. During his tenure, he refused to negotiate a fair contract with the Communications Workers of America in 2015-16 leading to a 7-week strike. McAdams will be succeeded by the company’s current Executive Vice President Hans Vestberg.

Could Janus be decided on Monday? Here at UCOMM, we are on Janus watch. The Supreme Court has been releasing decisions over the last few weeks. With just 3 weeks left in the term, Janus stands as one of the most important cases that have not yet been decided. Many legal experts expect the court to decide in favor of the plaintiff, Mark Janus. For more information on the case, click here.

The day to day travels of UCOMM are sometimes lost through UCOMM Blog. Oftentimes the UCOMM Media Group is doing things that are interesting for the world to see. Follow us on Instagram to see what myself, our Editor in Chief Kris LaGrange and our web guy Ryan Birch are up to. Instagram is also a great place to comment and converse about the issues of the day and to see best practices from one of the premier union communications firms in the country. UCOMM Media Group is retained by 35 unions, labor federations, and councils in five states.

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