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The Future of Unions is Millennial's?

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May 02, 2015

That's right, the very misunderstood over-privileged millennial generation is in the workforce and has very different views about unions than their parents. In a recent study, 55% of 18-29 year olds held a favorable view of unions and 45% of young Republicans looked at unions favorably. With this generation beginning to reach their political power, this might mean a change in the conversation about right to work for less laws.   

The poll also sheds an interesting light on the decline of organized labor in the US. Although union membership has dropped form 22% in 1983 to 11% in 2014, 52% of Americans said that they thought it adversely affected workers. As expected, the study shows high support for unions among Democrats for unions, but it also shows a surprisingly high amount of Republicans support workers organizing. 71% of Republicans believe that manufacturing and factory workers should be unionized and 46% believe fast food workers should unionize. The study says that on average workers in a union make 10-30% more than non-unionized workers.

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