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The Giving of a Turkey Voucher

Laborers Local 66 does something that all unions should consider doing during the holiday

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Nov 28, 2016

With the holidays upon us, many people give thanks and take stock of their lives, their family and their jobs.  We think of how we can give back to our friends, co-workers and community. For some unions this means taking part in the age old tradition of turkey giveaways. 

At the recent Laborers Local 66 November meeting, the union hosted their monthly meeting with an Annual Turkey Voucher giveaway.  For the union, this is a way to say thank you to all of the members who show up to the meetings and make the union strong.  “We do the turkey giveaway to say thank you to the members,” said Business Manager Steve Flanagan. Local 66 used to give away frozen turkeys but Flanagan said the cost was higher due to the need for a refrigerated truck.  He also said that there was often a “break in the supply chain” with members forgetting to deliver the turkey to the cook in the house.  Now with the voucher costs are down and usage is up.  Not only can the vouchers be used to buy the turkey, but they can also be used for all of the sides and fixings that go along with the meal.

 “Every little bit helps, especially when members get laid off in the winter,” said Joe Sowinski, a 7 year member of Local 66. “It is a great giveaway that really raises our spirits and encourages us to go to the union meeting.” According to Flanagan, every member who attends the meeting gets a voucher.  All additional vouchers are donated to Long Island Cares.  This year, 190 vouchers were given out to members and another 85 were donated to the local charity that feeds the poor all year long.

Giveaways like this are a great way to make the members feel good during the holidays.  They not only make the members feel like their participation in the union is appreciated but it also increases morale.  While many unions and businesses do the giveaway around Thanksgiving, local unions can also do it around the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. The real point is to give back to the members and say thank you for showing up and making the union stronger and participating in the spirit of giving during this time of year. Consider giving away holiday Ham vouchers for Christmas at your next union meeting.

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