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UAW- Pictured above is the UAW GM negotiating team

GM Bargained-for Bonuses Paid, Talks Restart at Disney and UFCW Gets Contract

An update on bargaining from different unions across the country

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Feb 07, 2018

While much of the focus at UCOMM over the last few weeks has been informing our readers about the Janus v. AFSCME case and about Trump’s continued attacks on workers, there is other news from the labor movement. Below we have compiled three stories about bargaining from across the country.

In Michigan, General Motors (GM) announced that they would be sending out $11,750 profit sharing checks to their employees. These checks were part of the collective bargaining agreement that was signed between the company and the United Auto-workers in 2015. “Today’s General Motors profit sharing, established under the 2015 contract negotiations, recognizes that UAW GM members’ hard work is an essential part of General Motors sales and profits,” UAW vice president Cindy Estrada said in a statement. “UAW members at GM negotiated a well-deserved share in the profits of their hard work and sacrifice.” GM paid out the most in profit sharing this year, with Ford giving their employees $7,500 and Chrysler/Fiat giving theirs $5,500.

In New York, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) announced that they had reached a settlement with the supermarket King Kullen that would protect their pension and welfare plans along with increasing wages. While the negotiations were tough the five-year contract holds the line and does not provide givebacks that the company wanted. Voting on the tentative deal will take place over the next two weeks.

Speaking of negotiations, the 6 unions that represent workers at Disney World are set to return to the bargaining table. This will be the first negotiation since the 4,000 union employees overwhelmingly rejected Disney’s last offer in December. When that offer was presented to the membership, the Service Trades Council Union, the unified negotiating arm of the 6 unions, encouraged members to vote no. 93% agreed and voted against the contract. The employees are holding out for more than the proposed $0.50/raise that Disney offered. Negotiations are opening right as the park reported a $5.2 Billion increase in profits last quarter.  

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