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by Guest Post | on Jun 06, 2017

7.5 Million Retail Jobs Gone!

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon touted the company's investments in people and technology, but also said the company may have reached an employment peak and urged employees not to be afraid of...

by Press and Media | on May 31, 2017

Don't Ask What She Made

New York is leading the way in helping to bridge the gender pay gap.  What does this mean for employers? Find out in this article from the Long Island Business News.

by Buddy Thoman | on May 10, 2017

Nuclear power is 97% carbon free

Here at Local Union 94, our number one priority is jobs.  Jobs, and more specifically, dependable Union jobs, provide financial stability for not only the individual and families,...

by Tiffany McAdams | on May 09, 2017

The 3 Day Weekend Infograph

Five days a week or 40 hours is the standard for full-time employment. Working 50 to 70 hours isn’t unheard of though. Are the extra hours worth it? The studies and real-life examples...

by Press and Media | on May 05, 2017

Fake News: I created 600,000 jobs

Everytime Trump open's his mouth, it's a lie. Sick of this shit...

by Press and Media | on May 02, 2017

Incentives to Underpay

Individuals employed by the state or another governmental agency may be given compensatory time instead of overtime wages if there is a union agreement or a contract between the employer and the...

by Press and Media | on Apr 24, 2017

These Jobs are gone because of Trump

It’s a long article – but deal with it, it’s the New York Times – fake news according to con artist celebrity-a-president. You see, 70% of the workers losing their jobs at the...

by Press and Media | on Apr 18, 2017

Ironworkers close the pay gap

UCOMM has already covered how working union can help lower the pay gap for women.  Now Buzzfeed takes a look at how the Ironworkers are not only combatting the pay gap but are also helping their...

by Guest Post | on Apr 18, 2017

April 18th: National Lineman Appreciation Day

National Lineman Appreciation Day is a time to express our utmost appreciation to the great men and women that work so hard for us every day. It's our honor to celebrate the hard work, innovation...

by James Ryan | on Apr 17, 2017

Reclassify 911 Operators

As the federal government nears a final decision on whether to update its classification system describing occupations in the United States, APCO has launched a White House petition...