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News From: Good Jobs Now

by Brian Young | on May 12, 2020

Rochester Lays-Off 198 Teachers

Near-record unemployment, falling revenue for state and local governments, and a huge budget deficit are causing more layoffs for teachers in Rochester, New York. Even before the crisis, the district...

by Brian Young | on Mar 20, 2020

Who We Deem Essential

From New York to California, states are shutting down and telling companies that only essential personnel should report to work. As in every emergency, whether it is a pandemic or a natural disaster...

by Guest Post | on Mar 17, 2020

Trump Budget Cuts Thousands of IBEW Jobs

This article was written by the IBEW Media Department President Trump’s 2021 budget cuts new ship construction by 20%, killing 10 new ships – some for this year – and...

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 04, 2020

TSA Bargaining Bill Gets Vote in Congress

Since the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created in November of 2001, employees have had limited union rights. Already as federal workers, they couldn’t negotiate things like...

by Brian Young | on Feb 27, 2020

Trump Issues Restrictive Joint Employer Rule

For the past three years, the Trump appointees on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) have been fighting to overturn the Obama era Joint Employer Rule. This rule held companies like McDonald...

by Kris LaGrange | on Feb 17, 2020

Trump Proposes Cuts to Federal Pensions

Trump has unveiled his proposed 2021 budget and just like his past three budgets, he is proposing huge cuts for federal workers.

by Guest Post | on Feb 14, 2020

AFSCME Sues Trump's DOL over Privatization

AFSCME filed a lawsuit today in federal court challenging a Department of Labor rule that allows states to skirt requirements to use a merit-based system when hiring Employment Service (ES) workers....

by birchy82 | on Feb 07, 2020

Cuomo: Unemployment for Striking Workers After 2 weeks

Our good friend at Newsday, James Madore reports that Governor Cuomo took the side of workers trying to fight for better wages, benefits, and an overall better life.

by Kris LaGrange | on Jan 29, 2020

Amazon Employees Put Jobs on the Line Over Climate Change

Workers at Amazon are putting their jobs on the line to speak out against the company's destruction of the planet. On Sunday, 250 employees who make up the Amazon Employees for Climate Justice,...

by Brian Young | on Jan 22, 2020

New Jersey Cracks Down on Misclassifying Workers

With the explosion of independent contractors and freelancers, there has also been an explosion in the misclassification of workers. In New Jersey, the legislature has decided to take up the issue...