News From: Good Jobs Now

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 09, 2018

Enjoy A Union Made St. Patrick's Day

Over the next week, many villages, towns, and cities will be hosting St. Patrick’s Day parades and celebrations. During this time, millions of dollars will be spent on beer, potatoes, and...

by Guest Post | on Mar 01, 2018

Frontier Communications Workers Prepared to Strike if Necessary

Citing concerns about layoffs and the use of contractors that has resulted in job loss and reduced service quality, representatives of Frontier Communications workers throughout West Virginia and in...

by Guest Post | on Feb 26, 2018

Booker: Honor Dr. King By Preserving Union Rights

In the early days of April 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. traveled to Memphis, Tennessee, to join in a protest with 1,300 city sanitation workers who had gone on strike after two of their...

by Press and Media | on Feb 21, 2018

Amy Poehler Calls for an Increase to the Tipped Wage

Actress Amy Poehler has joined the fight to raise servers wages.

by Brian Young | on Jan 30, 2018

Stopping Forced Arbitration

Over the last few years, arbitration clauses have become prevalent in many jobs. These clauses force employees to go to arbitration instead of suing the company. While they reduce costs for the...

by Guest Post | on Jan 29, 2018

The Importance of New Member Orientations

There’s an old adage that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. It’s also critical to orienting – and organizing – new members into the union. “...

by Brian Young | on Jan 10, 2018

New Pseudo Union has no Bargaining Rights

For the last 6 years, the Fight for $15 movement has been leading the fight to raise the minimum wage and organize low wage workers. While the movement has gotten minimum wage increases in a number...

by Tony Spina | on Dec 07, 2017

Another Organizing Victory for CWA 1109 Brooklyn

In an NLRB-supervised election, Aclara installers in the 10 counties throughout New York and New Jersey voted overwhelmingly to join CWA Local 1109. There are 160 workers at three locations –...

by Brian Young | on Nov 29, 2017

1/3 of Jobs will be Lost to Automation

We have all heard about job loss due to automation. Across the mid-west, factories are looking more and more like a sci-fi movie with robots doing all of the work. UCOMM has also reported how...

by Guest Post | on Nov 15, 2017

IBEW Grows Clean Energy Sector In New York

On land and on sea, wind power is coming into its own and the IBEW aims to be a key part of this growth industry in renewable energy.