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by Guest Post | on Aug 31, 2017

Fighting a Rigged System

As New Yorkers prepare to celebrate Labor Day with barbecues and family outings, New York State United Teachers President Andy Pallotta said that, while organized labor is strong in New York,...

by Kris LaGrange | on Aug 25, 2017

Organizing Victories in NY, PA and Nevada

With all of the negative national news that has been coming out this week, UCOMM decided to give you some good news for a change and welcome some new members into the union movement. The following...

by Labor 411 | on Aug 08, 2017

Labor 411 Comes to the Big Apple

Labor 411, the nation’s No. 1 guide to union-made products and services, is pleased to announce the addition of New York as the fifth city in its Ethical Consumer Movement to support good jobs...

by Guest Post | on Aug 04, 2017

New Plan for Call Center Jobs

Democrats' plan for a better deal on trade and jobs outlines real policies to help working families fight back against corporations that want to shift more jobs overseas and cut wages and...

by Press and Media | on Jun 07, 2017

Privatization is Destroying America

Wages are stagnant and the Middle Class is shrinking, maybe we are finally realizing that privatization was a bad idea.  Read more from MSNBC below.

by Guest Post | on Jun 06, 2017

7.5 Million Retail Jobs Gone!

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon touted the company's investments in people and technology, but also said the company may have reached an employment peak and urged employees not to be afraid of...

by Press and Media | on May 31, 2017

Don't Ask What She Made

New York is leading the way in helping to bridge the gender pay gap.  What does this mean for employers? Find out in this article from the Long Island Business News.

by Buddy Thoman | on May 10, 2017

Nuclear power is 97% carbon free

Here at Local Union 94, our number one priority is jobs.  Jobs, and more specifically, dependable Union jobs, provide financial stability for not only the individual and families,...

by Tiffany McAdams | on May 09, 2017

The 3 Day Weekend Infograph

Five days a week or 40 hours is the standard for full-time employment. Working 50 to 70 hours isn’t unheard of though. Are the extra hours worth it? The studies and real-life examples...

by Press and Media | on May 05, 2017

Fake News: I created 600,000 jobs

Everytime Trump open's his mouth, it's a lie. Sick of this shit...