Health Care Cost Changes

Mia Jorgenson's picture
Dec 06, 2012

Message from Mia Jorgensen, EVP: Union officers met with the State of New York on Health Care on November 28, 2012. We were informed that the overall health care cost was higher than anticipated for this past year, which would result in a substantial increase to your financial contribution this next year. The changes to your bi-weekly contribution will take place on January 1, 2013 and can be seen below: BI-WEEKLY HEALTH CARE COST 2012 2013 Individual $7.95 $10.18 Family $55.52 $69.95 The union has requested data concerning the overhead cost of the plan through time and was informed that if the cost decreases your bi-weekly contribution would also decrease. According to our contract the state pays 90% of our health care plan and based on the data presented by the state of New York our contract is being upheld with these new increases. One of the big costs to the plan is the use of brand name drugs. To aid us in reducing the overall costs to your bi-weekly contribution we suggest asking your doctor for preferred brand name or generic drug prescriptions. Also be aware that the New Year will mean changes to the Prescription Drugs formulary and the expansion of benefits covering Autism and Applied Behavioral Analysis with $4,500 cap annually.

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