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IBEW Assists National ID Program

IBEW teams up with the National ID program to speed up the process in the event of a kidnapping

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Jul 13, 2017

Every year around 800,000 kids in the United States goes missing and another 50,000 go missing in Canada. That means that one child is missing every 40 seconds and when this occurs very few parents have the information needed to help the police.  You and I know that nothing more important then our children’s safety, yet most of us are not prepared if something happens to them. 

Brothers and sisters, we want to help change that. The International office is partnering with the National Child Id Program to provide these child identification packets to IBEW locals across North America. The information will be kept just by you in your house, just in case something happens. Inside you will find a spot for your child’s medical info, height weight, a spot for your child’s fingerprints a spot for a picture and a swab for their DNA. When you are finished store this in a safe place in your home.

Law enforcement officials say the information provided is nearly everything they will be asking for if your child goes missing.  As a parent, I know this is a difficult subject, but it could be the most important thing that you do.  I am proud that the IBEW is partnering with the National Child Identification Program to make this happen.

The National Child ID program was an initiative started by the American Football Coaches Association in 1998, to provide parents an ID kit in case their child was ever reported missing. Amber Hagerman, we have all heard of the Amber Alert, when Amber was taken it took her mother around 7-8 days to find fingerprint and DNA information. As coaches, we couldn’t imagine that you’re in your house looking for information and not looking for your child. So, in 1998 the Coaches Association started the Child ID program and what’s unique about our program is that it doesn’t go into a database.  You fill out the kit at home and you keep it as a gift of safety and if you need to you can turn it over to the police.

Nothing is more important to the IBEW then their members and nothing is more important to the members then their children.  The International office is shipping these packets to the local unions. The district offices will be working with the locals to determine how many packets are needed. So, if you are interested please contact your Business Manager for more information.

Brothers and Sisters, I know that we all love our children very much and this could be the most important thing that you do for them. Together we can part of the movement to keep all of our kids’ safe.

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