Let us avoid complacency

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by Don Daley on
Nov 18, 2013

This issue of the 1049 HOTWiRE has reports from all across the company, but we still insist that you call take the time to attend a Union Meeting so you can get details. Plus Union Meetings are an excellent opportunity for you to fill us in on what's going on in your specific location and to learn about the broader issues we are working on as a unified union. We still need all of you to get these petitions signed, because the job you save may be your own. Our Local saw a good number of victories in the Nassau & Suffolk Legislature. What you didn't read in Newsday is this;

We may have lost the Nassau County Executive's race, but both NYS Propositions 1 and 5 passed, creating good union jobs and in NYC the IBEW got our candidate elected. NYC Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio is a great friend to organized labor, and we all look forward to his leadership in the months and years to come. In Boston, our brothers and sisters in labor elected Building Trades President Martin Walsh as their Mayor and the IBEW was behind electing Terry McAuliffe as the Governor of Virginia and raising the State's minimum wage in New Jersey. Plus a very bright light is shining over us in the City of Long Beach as a good friend to Local 1049, the Communications Workers of America's very own Anthony Eramo was elected to City Council. This young family man has a bright future in Politics and we are excited for his victory.

We approach Turkey Day, and right before that Hanukkah and a few weeks later Christmas and New Years. So let's keep concentrated on our work and not get complacent. Look forward to those upcoming moments where we will break bread with each other and celebrate all that we have - but we must continue to fight for the things that are right.


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