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Local 459 Is Organizing via Video!

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Jun 20, 2015
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 459 in Johnstown, PA recently came out with a new member video to show their new members what it means to be a part of a union.  The video, produced in association with UCOMM Communications, goes over the history of the local, the fields of work that they cover, how they operate, what their democratic structure is, what the benefits of being a member are and what your rights are. This 7 minute video also explains how to become active politically and the role of union members and shop stewards in the community.  Last April, the video made its worldwide debut at 459's Steward meeting. As a result of Local 459 putting this video on the website, they received 3 new organizing leads!  In one of the shops, the entire shop signed cards and the employer recognized the union right away!  Now the negotiations for their new contract will begin.  Just this week another manufacturing plant contacted the union about organizing in their plant.  Click here to watch the video. Nice work 459!

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