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Mark Janus Quits Job to Lower Public Employees Wages

A Koch Brother backed group announced that Janus will be their new spokesperson as of August 1

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Jul 23, 2018

It was just a few weeks ago that Mark Janus won the right to stop paying agency fees and to get the benefits of a collective bargaining agreement for free. The decision, Janus v AFSCME, brought right to work to the entire public sector. But now Janus has decided that after blowing the whole system up, he is ready to leave.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Janus has a new job, going around the country shilling for anti-union policies. Starting August 1st Janus will be working for the Illinois Policy Institute (IPI) as a senior fellow. The IPI was the same group that funded the Supreme Court case. According to a statement put out by IPI Janus’ job responsibilities will include serving as a public spokesperson for the group and a “workers rights” advocate. They also said that he will be touring around the country to talk to workers about the case and how they can bring other cases like this.

While the group refused to disclose his salary, it is likely that it will be significantly more than the $71,000 he makes as a social worker for the state of Illinois.

During the case and his ensuing media campaign, Janus attempted to portray himself as a selfless civil servant who was being taken advantage of by the big bad union. He repeatedly said that he loved his job and did it to serve. Koch brother-backed groups like IPI even created ads comparing his service as a Boy Scout to his fight against unions.  However, the reality was much different. The second he got an offer he cut and ran, no matter the damage that he did to his workplace and to his co-workers. While Janus will spend the last few years of his working life touring the country and getting paid by billionaires like the Koch’s and Betsy DeVos, his fellow co-workers will now have to face off with billionaire Governor Bruce Rauner, who helped push the case, from a weakened state.

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