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Massive Support for Amazon Organizing

Boycott call proved that there is much support for this worthy cause

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Mar 10, 2021

Throughout February and March, workers at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer Alabama have been voting on whether to join RWDSU. If the union vote is successful, they would become the first union in the United States at Amazon, the second-largest private employer in the United States.

The workers have faced a relentless anti-union assault from the company. This includes convincing the Post Office to place a mailbox in front of the warehouse after the NLRB ruled against Amazon’s attempt to hold the entire vote by in-person balloting and working with the local government to shorten stoplights outside of the warehouse so that organizers would have less time to talk with workers.

While the workers have faced intense pressure to vote No, they have also gotten great support. This included celebrities like Danny Glover and one of the strongest messages of support from a President ever.

Last week, UCOMM Blog reported on an effort to boycott Amazon for a week in support of the organizing drive. The post went viral and tens of thousands of people have taken part. Because of rules put in place by the Taft-Hartley Act, the boycott was not called by the RWDSU, but rather by outside supporters and consumers whose motives vary. Some are tired of supporting a company that does not respect their workers, some who understand the high cost of low prices and some who just wanted to be part of this historic vote in any way possible. “I am a big user of Amazon but I am also a strong supporter of unions,” said Ethelle Bean. “Therefore I will support the week-long boycott of Amazon and Amazon Prime.”

Workers from around the world also recorded videos of support for these workers. In just a few short days, UCOMM collected 26 videos from people all over the United States as well as Canada, Mexico, and Norway. It is not too late for you to record your message of support as well.

The boycott call was covered by over a dozen news outlets both nationally and internationally and was trending on Twitter this past Sunday. Payday Report's Mike Elk tweeted out "I've long admired @UCOMMBlog, who {covered} #BoycottAmazon - innovative folks in labor journalism. Like during WV teacher's strikes, the direction is coming from workers. I am getting hundreds of tweets of support from workers all over #RollTide."

Unlike other recent union organizing campaigns, this campaign has caught the attention of both the organized labor community and the non-union alike. This outpouring of support shows that the general public wants to feel like they are a part of bringing systemic change to Amazon and the larger labor movement. The non-union have also been watching and are now inquiring about joining a union.

"More than 1,000 Amazon workers from around the country have reached out to the RWDSU seeking information about unionizing their workplaces," RWDSU spokeswoman Chelsea Connor told The Washington Post.

Voting at the Amazon warehouse will continue through the end of March. A national day of action against Amazon is also being planned by on March 20th. You can click here to see if there is a rally in your neck of the woods.

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