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National Grid Contract Negotiations

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by Don Daley on
Jan 08, 2015

Following a short Holiday break, The Local 1049 Main Negotiating Committee met with representatives from the National Grid Negotiating Team led by Senior Vice President Kathleen Geraghty to exchange and review contract proposals.
At this meeting, we engaged in close discussion of the proposals and both sided provided specific details of their respective proposals. Chief Negotiator Don Daley described the union's proposals as fair and justly proportionate to the commitment by our members to their daily jobs. 
Both Committees met separately to discuss the proposals. Each proposal was closely examined and thought through. Some proposals will be negotiated in sub-committees such as Health and Welfare, and Gas and Electric Generation. After our caucus, the company's Chief Negotiator, Ms. Geraghty, provided additional details of the company's proposals and the group adjourned for the day.
Following the January 6th session, the Health and Welfare Sub-Committee met on January 7th at the Local 1049 Business Office where the company presented its health and welfare proposals and we discussed the issues at length. Talks will continue next week on Tuesday January 13th. 

Thank you for you continued solidarity and support. Your Negotiation team is committed to keep you  informed as we proceed through the collective bargaining process. Please remember to wear your RED every Thursday!

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