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ACLU Kansas

NewsGuild Organizes Kansas ACLU Workers

The local would be the largest non-profit union in the state

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Jun 29, 2020

On Tuesday, June 23 the employees of the ACLU filed for an election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). If the employees approve the union, it will be called ACLU Kansas United. “The ACLU has a long history of supporting workers’ rights and democracy”, the workers noted in a press statement, and they are “thrilled to bring these values into their own organization.”

The ACLU of Kansas would be the largest non-profit in Kansas to become organized if the employees vote to join the union or if the ACLU of Kansas Executive Director Nadine Johnson voluntarily recognizes the union. If successful, ACLU Kansas United would become a part of the United Media Guild Local 36047, the Kansas affiliate of the CWA Newsguild.

The ACLU was founded in New York on January 19, 1920, with the sole mission of preserving the rights and liberties reserved to the people of the United States under the constitution and U.S. law.

“The workers believe this new association will strengthen the organization by giving their voice a more democratic representation while leading the statewide landscape in further protecting civil rights for all.”

While Kansas might not be the first place when you think of labor organizing, Local 36047 has recently made some gains, with employees of Jobs with Justice, Missouri Health Care For All, and Missouri Organizing and Voter Engagement Collaborative (MOVE), and the Fight for Fifteen joining their ranks over the past few months.


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