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NYC Mayor Cancels NY1 Segment over Spectrum Strike

Standing with the striking workers, De Blasio cancels weekly segment on Spectrum owned NY 1

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Oct 15, 2018

For the last 19 months, Local 3 IBEW members at Spectrum have been on strike. As readers of UCOMM Blog know, in that time Local 3 has held rallies, elected officials have pressured the company, and the PSC has even told Spectrum that they will no longer be allowed to do business in New York. At the same time, Local 3 has urged elected officials and politicians to boycott the most visible Spectrum property, NY1. On Monday, New York City’s biggest elected official announced that he will be canceling his weekly segment on the network.

Since becoming Mayor, Bill de Blasio has taken part in a weekly segment on NY1. Broadcast during the “Inside City Hall,” his segment is called “Mondays with the Mayor." During the segment, de Blasio sits down with host Errol Louis to discuss issues facing the city.

De Blasio has spoken at many of the Local 3 rallies during the strike and has threatened action against Spectrum if they did not start negotiating in good faith. By today’s action, it seems clear that the Mayor’s patience with Spectrum has run out. Below is the statement that was released by de Blasio and Local 3 IBEW.

“I am canceling my weekly appearance on NY1 today in solidarity with Spectrum’s striking workers who deserve a fair contract. Since this strike began 19 months ago, Spectrum has accumulated billions of dollars in profits, while these hardworking New Yorkers and their families are struggling to survive. Spectrum ought to come to the table now and negotiate a contract in good faith — it’s long overdue.”

Local 3 IBEW Business Manager Chris Erikson responded saying “It is shameful that Spectrum refuses to come to the table while it is raking in record profits. Our members – and allies like Mayor de Blasio – are not backing down until Spectrum treats its employees with fairness and dignity.”

According to the NY Daily News, Local 3 members have been holding informational pickets outside of NY1’s studios to detail their disappointment and frustration with the company for refusing to offer fair wages and benefits.

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