NYS AFL-CIO Campaign looks to make New York work for all of us

George Bloom's picture
Dec 04, 2013

Too many New Yorkers are struggling; we see it every day. We need to start looking at things from the perspective of the workers who call our state home, not the corporations who call New York their tax break layover. We should be strengthening and developing new ladders to the middle class, as well as restoring some semblance of basic fairness in our society. 

The NYS AFL-CIO announced a new campaign that will incorporate a digital strategy, including social media and ground grassroots organizing. The campaign is kicking off with the release of a new website, as well as this new web video which discusses economic development, jobs, and tax policy from the perspective of hardworking New Yorkers.  We can all elp kickoff the campaign by visiting the website,  watching the video and signing the pledge. Feel free to post it your Facebook page and ask your family and friends to do the same. Sign up today and be a part of this new and exciting campaign. 


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