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Order Your Coffee IBEW Strong

IBEW 494 is asking Colectivo customers to take part in a reverse boycott this weekend

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Sep 03, 2021

Colectivo employees recently voted to unionize, giving them a powerful voice in their workplace. 
IBEW Local 494 planned a weekend of action to support the workers of Colectivo with a REVERSE BOYCOTT similar to November 28, 2020 to show support for Colectivo employees who recently voted to unionize as well as provide added revenue to the employer over the upcoming Labor Day weekend from TODAY, Friday, September 3 until Monday, September 6, 2021 by ordering a cup of coffee.

Please consider supporting the baristas and cafe workers over Labor Day weekend by ordering your coffee IBEW Strong!! Order from the APP (download the Colectivo Coffee app from the app store or google play) and change your name to: IBEWSTRONGyourfirstname with no spaces.
“You will now be able to order your coffee from a union member at all Colectivo locations,” said Dean A. Warsh, Business Manager. “When you are able to form a union, every worker would have a collective voice and an equal seat at the table.  If the owners of Colectivo don’t succeed, the employees don’t succeed. We look forward to working with the owners of Colectivo as we start the bargaining process for the employees.”


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