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Organizing Victories at Schools, Amusement Parks, and Solar Installers

Teachers, healthcare workers, electrical workers and EMT's all vote Union Yes

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Sep 19, 2018

Across the country workers are banding together to fight for better working conditions, better pay, and better benefits. Out of the hundreds of union elections going on, UCOMM Blog is highlighting three from New York, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Educators at three institutions, including two in Buffalo, have voted to unionize and affiliate with the more than 600,000-member New York State United Teachers. NYSUT’s Board of Directors voted Saturday to approve the affiliation request of teachers at the Health Sciences Charter School in Buffalo and the staff at the Stanley G. Falk School in Buffalo. In addition, the board voted to recognize school nurses in the Uniondale School District on Long Island as a local union within NYSUT. The three new NYSUT local unions will represent more than 300 educators and healthcare professionals.  “Educators in charter schools and the teachers, counselors and other professionals serving children with special learning, behavioral or social needs — like those at the Falk School — deserve a meaningful voice in the decisions that impact their lives as professionals and the students they care so much about,” said NYSUT President Andy Pallotta. “Like so many workers, these educators and nurses see the value in joining together in a union to collectively seek higher wages, better health insurance and improved working conditions. We welcome them to the union family.”

In Nevada at a solar panel company named Nevada Solar One, 15 employees voted in a union election to join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 396. Included in the election were all employees classified as a solar field laborer, power plant operator, control room operator, welder, production technician, solar field operator, control room operator, I&C technician and electrician employed by the Employer at its Boulder City, Nevada facility. 10 of the employees voted to join the union and 5 must have had a problem at home that day because they voted no. This means that by a vote of 10-5 the employees are now a part of the IBEW.

At Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, EMT’s were looking to have a bigger voice at work. The 24 EMT’s and paramedics decided to file for a union election that would allow them to join the International Association of EMT'S and Paramedics/NAGE/SEIU Local 5000. By an amazing 16-0 vote they approved joining SEIU.

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