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Over 1,200 Join the Union Movement

Organizing wins at a hospital, two Las Vegas casinos and a school in Montana.

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Oct 02, 2019

Every day more and more people decide to demand a voice at work and organize. Unions from across the country continue to grow, even in the face of a concerted campaign by big business, Trump, and state governments to make the process harder. Here are some recent organizing victories.

In New York, employees at Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, New York, have been going through a lot of changes recently. Earlier this summer, the hospital made the decision to merge with NYU-Langone and become a part of the larger network of healthcare facilities. With the merger complete, nursing assistants and dietary aides were given the option to join the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1199. On September 30th, the results of the vote were announced, and the 1,200 eligible members voted to join Local 1199 by a vote of 817 to 142. Since nursing assistants and dietary aides are already organized at the other NYU Langone hospitals, the new members will automatically be included in the larger contract. This means that they will be eligible for all of the benefits and protections right away, instead of being forced to wait while a new contract is negotiated.

Everyone knows Las Vegas is a hotbed of union activity. While most of the major casinos are organized, Treasure Island still had some unorganized employees. On September 27th the employees changed that by voting to join the UAW. 28 people voted yes, 2 people dumbly voted no, and 4 ballots are currently being contested. Included in the bargaining unit are all full time and regular part-time slot ambassadors. The NLRB is still deciding whether dual rated slot ambassadors are allowed to join the bargaining unit, so they were allowed to vote, but their votes were the four that have not yet been counted.

Treasure Island employees weren’t the only casino employees getting a voice at work. At the same time, votes were being counted at Treasure Island, just around the corner at The Palms Casino Resort employees were voting to join Teamsters Local 986. The 18 eligible employees all voted yes and became Teamsters. The new bargaining unit will include all full time and regular part-time bell captains, bell persons, and on-call bell persons who are employed at the Las Vegas facility.

Heading north to Montana, employees at the Thompson Falls Comprehensive School and Community Treatment Program are the newest members of the Montana Federation of Public Employees. The four eligible members all voted yes to join the union! Included in the new bargaining unit are all full time and regular part-time behavior specialists, treatment therapists I and II who are employed at the Thompson Falls site.

Congratulations to all of the new union members. Stories like these show that no matter the size of your workforce, employees want and need a voice at work.

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