Patience and Hit the Wireless Stores!

Rollando Scott's picture
Oct 04, 2011

Message from President Rolando Scott:

Bargaining continues, and as we go through thousands of pages of documents, your bargaining teams have vowed to fight for every union job and to bring back all of our laid off members through a "no contracting clause." This is a very time consuming process, and to make sure we address each situation in every department - we have to go through all the contracts from across the district.

We ask that every member stay mobilized and be ready to volunteer for the cause - this means giving a couple hours to apply pressure at the Wireless Stores. This is a vital task, so if you want to help out at this point that is really the best thing to do. I would also ask for patience and remember it is up to each one of us to do our part, stay united and dig-in for the long haul.

Also, we should all be proud of what we were able to collect for the Lalima family. So far we have collected over $80,000 for Doug's family, and the 300 member Local 1102 donated $20,000! We plan on continuing the support. Money won't bring Doug back - but it will help his family with the immediate financial troubles they may encounter.

Keep up the pressure at the Wireless stores. In unity there is strength.


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