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The 'Real Teachers' for America

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Aug 13, 2015

A recent National Labor Relations Board decision may shake up the entire Teach for America model.  After Teach for America teachers at a Detroit charter school tried to unionize, the charter operator said that they couldn’t organize because they weren’t “real” teachers, I’m sure the parents loved to hear that! This fight brought the case before the NLRB which ruled that the 14 Teach for America Corp Members should have been able to vote in an election last spring. That election was held to determine if teachers at University Prep Schools, a charter school network in Detroit, wanted to form a union. Many charter schools rely on Teach for America to bring in low paid teachers to fill their classrooms for 1-2 school years, so this decision could have large ramifications for business as usual in the underperforming anti-union charter school network. 

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